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Photo by John Greenwood


Inspired by the large ensemble writing of Gunther Schuller and George Russell and the small classical ensembles of Stravinsky and Copland, Bobtail's music glides effortlessly between intricate compositions and dramatic improvisations from some of the Midlands' finest soloists.  


Written in 2014, this suite of music is inspired by Flora Rheta Schreiber's account of 'Sybil'- a woman possessed by 16 separate personalities (Dissociative Identity Disorder).  The music follows the story of Sybil through her early life and recollections in therapy.


The Seasons Suites

The latest project delves into the reflections of poets including Dylan Thomas, Percy Shelley and Robert Burns, whose Now Spring Has Clad The Grove In Green has been the inspiration for this new music. The 4 separate suites aim to capture the essence of each season with the music'c quirky character and thoughtful harmonies. Performances so far have included Spring (Jazz at the Spotted Dog- April 2017), Autumn (The Lescar- October 2017) and Winter (Symphony Hall- January 2018).



Current members: Faith Brackenbury (violin), Sam Wooster (trumpet), Lee Griffiths, Andy Isherwood and 

Alicia Gardener Trejo (woodwind), Caroline Weiner (French horn), Tom Dunnett and David Sear (trombones),

Tobie Carpenter (guitar), Adam Jarvis (bass) and Euan Palmer (drums).

Photo credits: JOHN GREENWOOD

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