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Home/Lands is a new project exploring the concept of ‘home’ and the sense of belonging. Based in Birmingham and Glasgow, the ensemble celebrate their relationships with not only the places but the objects, people and music they hold most dear.



Composing collaboratively, the band take poems and short stories as writing prompts, use the topography of familiar landscapes as a catalyst for composition and exchange musical stimulus in a pass-the-parcel type approach. The music plays with the sonic possibilities of baritone saxophone and double bass, experimenting with fresh ideas of melody/bassline responsibilities. With strong influences from the world of folk music as well as jazz, Home/Lands features improvisations, musical games and intricately crafted melodies. 

Speaking about the origins of the project, Alicia says, “My own experiences with anxiety and depression have often made me feel like I don’t belong in my own head. That, along with the Imposter Syndrome that is so rife in creatives made me really think about what makes me feel at home.”


“A very engaging piece with attractive melodies and strong solos.” Tony Dudley-Evans. 

Photo credit: BRIAN HOMER

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