Alicia Gardener-Trejo
Kirsty Clarke: Artist 

In December 2012, visual artist/sculptor Kirsty Clarke and Alicia Gardener-Trejo began a joint project which resulted in a joint performance at an exhibition at Wembley School of Art. Recordings of the gig can be found here:




                      Four Play                                       Main Act                                    Slowly




Here's what Kirsty says about the project:


"Through the separation of the mind and the body, our soul from our arse hole, 'The Score' is one of collection of works exploring the thin line between misanthropy and humour. Primitive noise sewage, such as f**king, shitting and breathing gets boiled down and distilled into minimal assemblages of sound. Creating absurd outcomes that are grounded in the fantastic of the mundane, it examines how our own physicality can come as a surprise. We do not laugh at our bodies, but the pure fact that we have bodies."

Kirsty and Alicia are currently developing a new project entitled 'Cells', the early stages of which were performed at Birmingham's interdisciplinary arts night Diverge earlier this year.